Virtuoso unveils most anticipated new luxury hotel openings

October 9, 2017

Luxury and experiential travel network Virtuoso, along with its more than 16,000 travel advisors worldwide, has revealed the hottest hotel openings around the globe for this fall and beyond. From relaxing resorts to iconic urban landmarks, these five properties are sure to make an indelible impression on guests when they open or reopen over the next several months: Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, China – Opening late 2017 Situated in a tranquil riverside location in the heart of the city, Bulgari Hotel Shanghai will feature contemporary, spacious rooms and exceptional guest amenities including Maserati transportation. Offering stunning views of […]

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The Maldives: Paradise Found

June 1, 2017

As the seaplane descends from the clouds high above the sun-dappled cerulean water, I gaze transfixed at the island’s virgin white sand. Dolphins happily race each other as a nearby yacht traverses miles of serene blue ocean. No matter how many pictures you’ve seen, no matter how many other stunning beaches you’ve run across barefoot, you’ll never be prepared for the sheer beauty of the Maldives. The first view of the archipelago literally takes your breath away. A nation made up of 26 atolls—islands with coral reefs encircling a lagoon—spread out over 56,000 square […]

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Curious Traveler’s Secrets of Rome

March 8, 2017

Christine van Blokland, the award-winning travel writer, producer & host of Curious Traveler on PBS & Create-TV, shares her Secrets of Rome. Secrets of the Pantheon:  How does the Pantheon stand up?  The Pantheon is an Ancient Roman engineering marvel, and the largest unsupported dome in the world, at 142 feet in diameter. To compare, the US Capitol dome is only 96 feet across.  The Pantheon dome is thought to symbolize the roundness of the Earth, or the dome of heaven. Ancient Romans created their own special blend of super-lightweight concrete, getting lighter towards the top, so […]

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New York City’s Best Christmas 2016 Holiday Windows

November 29, 2016

Year after year, New York City lives up to its holiday tradition of putting up the most stunning and opulent holiday window displays at some of the finest department stores. Christmas spirit sets in as early as mid-November with the unveiling of Christmas window displays along the city’s Fifth Avenue and other Manhattan streets. Window shopping gets a whole new definition as holiday window dressing keeps getting bigger and better every year to woo shoppers and passersby. While those in the city can step out to see the thrilling artistry in person, for those who are far away, we bring […]

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The Ultimate Safari: A Luxury Diamond Hunting Excursion in Africa

August 9, 2016

Ellerman House, in partnership with Benguela Diamonds, is offering its guests an exclusive opportunity to embark on a ‘diamond safari’ to the mineral-rich west coast of South Africa. The ‘diamond safari’ is the first of its kind in South Africa. Guests will follow the journey of an ocean diamond from its humble origins beneath the surface of the sea to its transformation into a symbol of love and object of beauty. The day-long exercusion includes limosine and private air transfers to Port Nolloth with luxury villa, private chef, and gourmet breakfast and lunch accompanied […]

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Vacation in the Style of Shackleton

April 27, 2016

For those who have grown bored with the standard vacations to warm and luxurious locations, Wilderness Travel’s unique trip for 2016 takes clients on an adventurous expedition to Antarctica. Since its launch in 1978, Wilderness Travel has been running one-of-a-kind trips that take vacationers to unusual locales. For 2016, the company is honoring the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s triumphant rescue after his ship, the Endurance, became trapped in ice. Shackleton managed to get his entire crew to safety, and miraculously not a single man was lost. Of course, clients of Wilderness Travel’s […]

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The 13 Hotel In Macau Opens Up At A Cost Of $7 Million Per Room

March 4, 2016

Louis XIII Holdings Limited has christened its Macau hotel, “The 13”, the most luxurious hotel ever built with an estimated cost of  $1.4 billion which also calculates up to $7 million per room. Located in the gambling hub of Cotai, Macau, in China, it is expected to open in late summer 2016 as one of the most expensive hotels ever built. Boasting of Baroque inspiration and contemporary accents, The 13 Hotel includes 200 palatial multi-level villas, an invitation-only L’Atelier offering couture, bespoke and limited edition products from selected major luxury brands, and the only branch of L’Ambroisie, the legendary Paris institution […]

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This Terrifying & Thrilling 360-View SkyDeck Is Truly the Best Seat On the Plane

January 8, 2016

[embedded content] Photos/Video Credit: Windspeed Technologies, LLC. Even though airlines offer plush first class cabins with private bathrooms, these features are now considered pretty standard for avid jet setters. The amenities may differ, but the actual experience remains fairly routine. That may not be the case for long though, thanks to a crazy concept called SkyDeck. Designed by Windspeed Technologies, SkyDeck is a viewing bubble that sits atop an aircraft, giving you the best seats in the house. Accessed via stairs (or an elevator if you’re fancy), the bubble is set near the rear of […]

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Traveling Asia: What to Do

August 6, 2015

What to when traveling Asia is a huge question, as so many fascinating and intriguing locations await the intrepid traveler. Traveling Asia in luxury is a true delight, for the temples, floating markets and sumptuous shopping malls of Bangkok to the exquisite prosperity and flourishing nightlife of Singapore. Cuisine plays a big part in luxury travel in Asia, with every city featuring regional specialties that simply have to be tried. Visit Taipei for an intense and trendy entertainment experience or try out the gourmet cuisine in some of Tokyo’s most fashionable eating spots. Asia’s […]

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We Found Paradise in Belize and it’s Called the Itz’ana Resort & Residences

July 6, 2015

All together there are 39 luxury cottages and villas, all designed for waterfront living with huge windows and high ceilings. A native of the area, Boston-based architect Roberto de Oliveira Castro tackled the exteriors, while the interiors are being handled by Samuel Amoia. Ranging in size from 1,000-5,000 square feet and priced from $240,000 to over $1 million, Itz’ana gives you the option of beach or lagoon living, with each home positioned right on the waterfront. Personally, we would go for the lagoon options, since they look like they are literally floating on the […]

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