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Knight Frank’s latest Prime International Residential Index has revealed the most expensive cities to buy property in the world, based on how many prime square metres $1m will buy. Here they are.


At number 10 is Shanghai, where $1m will buy you just 46.2 square metres’ worth of luxury property.
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For $1m, you can buy 43 square metres of upmarket space in Moscow . Apartments in a palatial new residential complex on the Ostozhenka (pictured) are priced from around $2.2m.
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$1m will buy 41.7 square metres’ worth of space in Paris. A typical property would be one of the apartments in this development with private gardens for sale in the heart of Paris’s 7th arrondissement.
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If you’re thinking of heading Down Under, a luxury property worth $1m will measure around 41.2 square metres.
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New York

In sixth place is the Big Apple, where your cash will buy you a 40.2 square metre property. On the market is The Sterling Mason (pictured), a collection of 22 residences in Tribeca.
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Next up is Geneva, where you can expect to buy 34.7 square metres. The Du Parc Kempinski apartments (pictured) are in UNESCO protected vineyards, overlooking Lake Geneva and the alps.
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Space is tight in lively Singapore, where $1m will only net you 32.6 square metres.
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Property doesn’t come cheap in London, with $1m only equalling 25.2 square metres. You’ll need considerably more to buy this new mews house in Belgravia (pictured), priced at £14.75m.
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Hong Kong

Don’t pack too much if you’re moving to Hong Kong. Here, $1m means a home of 20.6 square metres.
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And finally, in first place, is the tiny principality of Monaco. Here, $1m is only equal to 15 square metres of space. We imagine it’ll cost rather more to buy a flat in Tour Odéon (pictured), the tallest building in Monaco, and for which the price is on application.