The Rancho Santa Fe Covenant area covers approximately 6,200 acres and approximately 1,830 residential building sites, 320 of which are unimproved. It is estimated that the maximum number of building sites that could exist under current zoning restrictions is 2,256.

The population of Rancho Santa Fe is about 4,200 people. The total number of households is 1,453. It is estimated that the maximum total population of 6,500 people may occur by approximately 2007.

With an average residential lot size in excess of two acres, rural Rancho Santa Fe is distinguished by its open spaces. Sidewalks and street lights are banned from residential areas. Winding driveways lead to traditionally styled Spanish, Mediterranean or Ranch style homes flanked by fragrants, citrus and native foliage. Elaborate landscaping protects the privacy integral to the Rancho Santa Fe way of life.

Under a beneficent sun that shines 320 days of the year, Rancho Santa Fe is one of the garden spots of the world. The low-humidity, balmy climate is ideal for the relaxed outdoor life for which the Ranch is known. Maximum/minimum temperatures during an average year tell the story: August, 72/55; November, 74/50; February, 66/48. The incomparable blend of sea and mountain air, free of smog, combines to give the Ranch a quality few communities can rival.

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