This Terrifying & Thrilling 360-View SkyDeck Is Truly the Best Seat On the Plane

Photos/Video Credit: Windspeed Technologies, LLC.

Even though airlines offer plush first class cabins with private bathrooms, these features are now considered pretty standard for avid jet setters. The amenities may differ, but the actual experience remains fairly routine. That may not be the case for long though, thanks to a crazy concept called SkyDeck.

skydeck, aircraft

Designed by Windspeed Technologies, SkyDeck is a viewing bubble that sits atop an aircraft, giving you the best seats in the house. Accessed via stairs (or an elevator if you’re fancy), the bubble is set near the rear of the aircraft and can hold one or two seats for any lucky passengers who want to experience their flight in a completely new (and sort of scary) way. Though the design hasn’t actually been implemented, the company has no doubt that private jet owners and even high-end airlines will be interested in the idea, especially since “it could be an additional source of revenue [for an airline], as passengers could be charged on a pay-per-view basis.”

skydeck, aircraft

After spending over a year on design details, like feasibility studies and aerodynamics, Windspeed Technologies states that “potential interference with the aircraft’s tail performance” was one of the main concerns. They ensure that the bubble’s “teardrop canopy design” and height eradicates that problem though and since it’s made using similar materials to what’s used to build supersonic fighter jet canopies, the design is pretty strong too. Plus, it’s “designed to withstand all load conditions, including flight loads and birdstrike impact loads.” Excuse me, birdstrike impacts? Fix that possibility and I am 100 percent in.

If you have the cash and want to make this a reality, the company is looking for investors.

skydeck, aircraft

skydeck, aircraft


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