Traveling Asia: What to Do

What to when traveling Asia is a huge question, as so many fascinating and intriguing locations await the intrepid traveler. Traveling Asia in luxury is a true delight, for the temples, floating markets and sumptuous shopping malls of Bangkok to the exquisite prosperity and flourishing nightlife of Singapore.

Traveling Asia

Cuisine plays a big part in luxury travel in Asia, with every city featuring regional specialties that simply have to be tried. Visit Taipei for an intense and trendy entertainment experience or try out the gourmet cuisine in some of Tokyo’s most fashionable eating spots.

Traveling Asia 1

Asia’s beauty is far from limited to high-tech, artsy glory, although places like Shanghai are essential viewing for travelers looking to experience just that. Those in pursuit of additional pleasures will be delighted by the theme parks of Shenzhen, a city which also boasts one of China’s prettiest and most popular beaches.

Traveling Asia 2

For cultural delights, New Delhi is a must-see stopping point while the glitz, glamor and urban style of Mumbai’s Bollywood scene cannot fail to impress. Macau is also well worth a visit, with its booming culture and thriving casino scene. While indulging the senses, take in Manila as well, with its rich blend of architectural delights and modern shopping areas.

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Of course, no plan of what to do in Asia would be complete without a visit to Beijing, where travelers can experience a fascinating mix of traditional culture and modern life. Dhaka provides a similarly interesting blend of experiences, as well as some of South Asia’s most beautiful scenery.

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Hong Kong makes the perfect end-point for a luxury tour of Asia, with its world-famous skyline, deep harbor and hip hangouts. Feast on cuisines from across the region in this bubbling melting pot of a city, where east meets west in true modern style.

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