About LuxeGlobal, Inc.


When does the exception to the rule become the law of the land?

We’ve all watched the real estate balloon deflate, financing diminish, and until recently, only haphazard efforts to pick up the pieces of a tumultuous marketplace. Most companies are so overwhelmed with the past and its ramifications that they cannot see nor make plans for the future.

It’s time to step out of the box and look with clear vision toward the future; and that future is LuxeGlobal.

There’s never been a more crucial time to boldly step forward and break new ground with options that address the current shifting paradigm. Similar to existing trends in technology and international business, this must be accomplished on a global level. According to DTZ Research, the amount of capital moving around the globe to buy property has more than tripled. In the U.S., recent international sales accounted for $2.6 billion in commissions for realtors.

In keeping with the international marketplace, LuxeGlobal represents a true boutique real estate firm unmatched in California whose V.I.P. approach meets the needs of these high net worth clients, comprising their land, air and sea interests.

LuxeGlobal’s business model is comparable to the finest international private banking divisions of commercial banks and trust companies and presents a relationship that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning clientele. The bar has been raised to re-define the real estate buying and selling experience with unheard of V.I.P. options and exclusive membership benefits that were previously only dreamt of. These are benefits that the average brokerage or independent agent could never deliver.

LuxeGlobal offers their clients The Best Life Has to Offer and LuxeGlobal Club
(LG Club) membership.

Are you looking to buy or sell a luxury home? Are you looking to relocate and desire help with each aspect of your move? Are you looking to purchase or sell other luxury real property, such as a jet or yacht? Membership in the LG Club affords you luxury ambassadors around the world to assist you, agents who are multi-lingual and highly educated and experienced in fields such as design, law and psychology. Ask your LG Concierge and you will be given access to everything you desire at a competitive price. Ask and it is given is our policy.

    “Would you like access to the trade only design centers with a per diem personal shopper and cost plus purchasing, your wine cellar personally selected and stocked to your needs at a cost plus basis by our sommeliers, brand name or custom jewelry selected and purchased by our gemologist at cost plus, a round of golf at a club you may be considering joining or just want to try? We, like you, appreciate the finer things in life and can assist you in acquiring them. Our goal is not to sell you a home, a jet or yacht; it’s to forge a lifelong relationship based on these shared tenets of fine living.”