Columbus Yachts M/Y Divine to debut at 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

With three decks, the 40-meter aluminum superyacht is able to house 10 guests in its five staterooms along with eight crew members. The Owner’s Suite on the superyacht by Colombus Yachts is situated on the main deck, complete with its own study and is said to be as large as those found on bigger yachts. Versatility is key, with the VIP suite, which can be converted into two cabins with ease, a feature that was requested for by the owner. With exceptionally large headroom of 2.3 meters, the superyacht is able to invite a wealth of natural light into the main deck with large windows.

In the lower deck, the incorporation of light into the interior is continued as the designers replaced the usual portholes with a single window. The designers at Palumbo along with Hot Lab and the owner opted to use a tone-on-tone palette of colors that allowed for consistency throughout the superyacht. Luxurious materials such as Breccia Sarda and Adri Venato marble, eucalyptus and American walnut wood, polished stainless steel, soft wool carpets and fabrics fill the interior. In the saloon, guests can sit back amongst the high-quality materials and enjoy a view of the ocean through the two large windows.

TheM/Y Divine is able to reach a top speed of 20 knots in its high-performance Sport mode, thanks to two diesel engines. Using a Hybrid Propulsion system which works together with two electric motors, the superyacht is able to be not only fast but quiet, much like a traditional full displacement yacht.

Free of wing stations, the M/Y Divine is equipped with a wireless Vessel Maneuvering Assistant device that allows the pilot to have access of the controls anywhere on the yacht.


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Hottest Superyacht Summer Destinations


With spring mornings close at hand and the watery sunlight seeping through the window, all thoughts turn to dreamy summer escapes. Spending the sultry days and balmy nights discovering the seas is the very epitome of a luxury vacation and aboard the superyacht charter MY Starfire you can lavish, lounge and lap up the beauty of bountiful adventures in the heart of the ocean. Whether sipping cognacs on the opulent deck as you snuggle under cashmere and explore the Fjords of Norway or taking the Jet Ski out to tear up the golden soaked Dalmatian Coast, spending summers on MY Starfire with Captain Carl Sputh is all about perfecting the art of embracing experience and the sublime pleasures of the sea. From the Azul shores of St Bart’s to cultural discoveries in Croatia these are the hottest superyacht destinations trending for summer 2015.



The secret seems to be out and this summer will see plenty of affluent superyachts gliding into the chic and pretty port of Dubrovnik to admire its UNESCO heritage wonders. Yet there is more to Croatia then its startling capital sitting between the shadowy mountains and the sapphire sea, the fragrant collection of crumbling coastline boasts beauty and brains for discerning yachters.


Rovinj, with its gulls frantically crying around the spiraling church tower, its old world harbor and its picture perfect cobblestoned squares seems to be a postcard of the Mediterranean taken from decades ago. With its colorful tapestry of archipelago islands close by you can take the two person kayak from MY Starfire’s prestigious collection of toys and cut yourself loose for gourmet picnics on secluded shores.



Walk in the footsteps of Sofia Loren on the glitzy shores of Sveti Stefan, watch the lights glisten across the water as you sip champagne cocktails on the Bay of Kotor and duck into chic little boutiques in the medieval town of Budva. Montenegro is quickly becoming one of the most sought after destinations to explore by superyacht yet still remains relatively untapped by the hordes of tourists.


Spend the day diving into the gem like waters and indulging in an onboard massage from the luxury masseuse on MY Starfire. As you slip into a dream you can breathe in the rich evocative scents of mimosa and Lebanese cedar that roll down the wooded hills of Montenegro to embrace the salt whipped sea.



There is something utterly romantic, bright and ever youthful about the shores of Sicily and even in 2015 the love affair seems to continue. Whether it’s the citrus scents splashing on the shores, the crumbling pale buildings swallowed by wisteria or its elegant vineyards where you can sip marsala and dream of the deep history that ebbs and flows into every nook and cranny of this isle.


Exploring the shores of Sicily on MY Starfire seems to capture summer in her finest dress, from hitting the heady markets in the morning to dining on fresh Sicilian seafood in the upper deck. You can spend days exploring the foothills of the famous Mount Etna, playing in Palermo and paddling in the pristine waters that surround your superyacht charter.


St Bart’s

The Caribbean has long been a staple in the world of superyachts and it’s good to see that despite years of tempting sun seekers to its shores that destinations like St Bart’s can still be refreshing. This is the ultimate playground for guests on MY Starfire, this is the place of dreams where milk white sands are sugary underfoot and splashing in the sea feels like welcome rain on your skin.


This is certainly the place to grab the snorkel or even ask the crew to arrange for a personal diving instructor and to swim with turtles, dolphins and hundreds of marine beauties in this underwater paradise. As St Bart’s is such a divine yacht destination you can expect to live the life of luxury when you step ashore with beautiful boutiques, colorful charm and exotic spa resorts waiting to welcome you.



Tumbling waterfalls, razor toothed rocks and endless fjords winding like emerald ribbons through the thick pine forests make Norway an exquisite superyacht destination for those who want to go back to nature.


Soaked in the romance of MY Starfire you can cuddle beneath cashmere blankets with a bottle of champagne enjoying the midnight sun, you can dive from the deck into refreshing waters beneath the silver veiled mist of waterfalls for the ultimate morning and you can step ashore on remote, wild islands dotted with pastel colored huts. From the fairytale shores of Alesund to the boutique beauty of Bergen, Norway is gearing up to be the go to destination of the year.



Article by: Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178′ superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.

The 27th Annual Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach, Feb 12-16, 2015

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The 27th annual Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach will transform Collins Avenue into a multi-million dollar presentation of yachts including the world’s most extraordinary and uniquely designed yachts and superyachts from the world’s foremost custom boat builders. The in-water-only display presentation covers more than 1.2 million square feet of space over a mile-long strip of Indian Creek Waterway, featuring hundreds of new and pre-owned vessels valued at more than a billion dollars. This Miami boat show is in the heart of beautiful Miami Beach on Indian Creek Waterway at Collins Avenue (S.R. A1A) – from 41st to 51st Streets.

February 12 – 16, 2015
Thurs. Feb 12, 10am – 7pm
Fri. Feb 13, 10am – 7pm
Sat. Feb 14, 10am – 7pm
Sun. Feb 15, 10am – 7pm
Mon. Feb 16, 10am – 5pm

FREE to the public