LuxeGlobal Records Announces Education Partnership with San Diego State University

LuxeGlobal Records, an independent record label based out of San Diego, is announcing its involvement with seven San Diego State University Business students to help expand its marketing efforts. The students are formulating an integrated marketing plan using both Internet and interactive marketing to help launch singer, songwriter Kayslee Collins.

LuxeGlobal Records currently has two female artists, Kayslee Collins and D’Lannie Brown, both of which are talented and driven to succeed. President and CEO, Robert L. Mani was quoted saying, “I know these women have what it takes to become international recording artists and I am extremely confident that they will accomplish their goals. Both Kayslee’s and D’Lannie’s passion, knowledge of the industry, and talent astound me. They are the NEXT sensations in music.”

The team are all proficient business students. With a mix of Marketing and International Business degrees soon to come, the students bring to bear all the essentials in having Kayslee and D’Lannie reach the top of their craft. For their Internet and Interactive Marketing class taught by Professor Berkley, they have learned the ins and outs of social media and viral marketing, which they are prepared to utilize when formulating their marketing plan.

“We are all so excited to be a part of this movement,” Group member Lindsey Walker states. “Working hands on with such a creative and intelligent group has definitely sparked an interest for a future in music marketing. I’m enthused to see what our group can accomplish and generate by the end of the semester.”

Robert L. Mani originally established LuxeGlobal Records, as a division of LuxeGlobal Entertainment, in 2012. With its growth in the music industry, LuxeGlobal Records will soon be signing more artists in the near future.

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